Water Purity

The waste water, influent, and effluent is tested for BOD, total suspended solids, ammonia nitrogen, settling solids solids, pH, and temperature. These tests are performed in the IaDNR certified lab at the treatment plant. Our lab is certified every 2 years by a member of the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory.

The effluent is also tested for copper, toxicity, and starting in the spring of 2011, E. coli. These 3 tests are sent to outside laboratories. Limits for all parameters are outlined in the NPDES permit which is issued by the IA Department of Natural Resources who also inspects the plant yearly. A monthly operating report (MOR) is sent to IaDNR which includes plant flow, recirculation through the plant, all test results and how many pounds of BOD and TSS in the influent and effluent and ammonia nitrogen and copper in the effluent.

We also monitor and test any major contributing industries. This is also outlined in the NPDES permit.

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