The Red Oak Police Department performs all law enforcement activities within the corporate city limits of the City of Red Oak, and provides assistance to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies as needed.

Staff & Training
The police department consists of 10 full-time peace officers who are graduates of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and certified as peace officers by the State of Iowa, and 11 Reserve Peace officers who have completed a specified course of instruction and examination set forth by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, certifying these officers as reserve peace officers with the State of Iowa.

The Red Oak Police Department maintains a number of its staff as certified law enforcement instructors in the areas of firearms, use of force, defensive tactics, crime scene investigation, domestic violence and other areas of interest. These instructors frequently provide instruction to other public safety agencies and the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

Specialty Areas
In addition to instructors, the department also has a number of officers that are assigned to specialty areas of policing, which include narcotics investigation, criminal investigation, crime scene investigation, death investigation and arson investigation.

Red Oak Police Department

Emergency: 911

Ph: 712-623-6500

Administrative Offices

Ph: 712-623-6501

Fx: 712-623-6502

Staff Directory