Wilson Performing Arts Center


Wilson Performing Arts Center has been carefully designed to meet the needs of artists and educators in southwest Iowa. It provides for learning and inspiration, a place to meet with fellow members of the community. The exceptional quality of the performing space and adjacent areas has created a center valued by all regional performing artists and audiences alike.

The state-of-the-art facility features a comfortable and inviting auditorium, a spacious lobby, dance and rehearsal studio, and a dynamic exterior. Its convenient central location near the intersection of Highways 34 and 48 in Red Oak reinforces the center’s role as a regional resource.

The Performing Arts and Education Association of Southwest Iowa (PAEA) is a non-profit organization focused on presenting more performing arts and performing arts education to the residents and visitors of southwest Iowa. The PAEA office is located in the Wilson Performing Arts Center.

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Areas for Performance
The Performing Arts Center auditorium seats 250 people and offers exceptional sight-lines, wider-than-average seats, and comfortable leg room. State-of-the-art theatrical equipment provides a versatile auditorium designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of programming.

Document (2)Lobby / Gallery
The Lobby serves not only as an amenity for auditorium patrons, but as a gallery to display the work of talented southwest Iowa artists.

Production Facilities
To complement the professional stage and auditorium, the center houses scene and costume shops to allow performing organizations to construct and store materials for their productions. Dressing rooms and a green room complete the technical support areas.

Document (3)Areas of Education
Classroom / Rehearsal Space
The rehearsal space is perfectly suited for the needs of community productions. The same size as the stage area, it allows presenting groups to prepare productions while a completely different performance is taking place on the stage. In addition, the space may be used as a performing arts classroom for children and adults. Music instruction, drama performance, technical theatre and a variety of workshops fill the class schedule.

Document (4)Dance Studio
A state-of-the-art dance studio with a sprung floor, changing rooms, piano and sound system provides classes for all ages in collaboration with dance schools throughout the region.