Arts & Culture

Restored BN Depot and WWII Museum
See why the Burlington Northern Depot is a great place to visit.

Historic Heritage Hill Tour
Find out what you can expect on the historic Heritage Hill Tour.

Learn more about the history of Red Oak.

Montgomery County History Center
The Montgomery County Historical Society was organized in 1945 to help preserve and share our county's history. Over the years as the Historical Society kept growing, they were constantly looking for a bigger and better home. The society has finally found that home, when in 2006 they held the Grand Opening of their brand new 14,000 square foot building on North 4th Street in Red Oak, Iowa.

Red Oak Grand Theatre
Get the latest on Red Oak Grand Theatre.

Wilson Performing Arts Center
The Wilson Performing Arts Center has been carefully designed to meet the needs of artists and educators in southwest Iowa. It provides for learning and inspiration, a place to meet with fellow members of the community.