Iowa New Jobs Training Program

Through established criteria, a company has a funding resource available to them that assists them in the training of their employees through Southwestern Community College. If locating in an Enterprise Zone, training dollars are increased. 

As an example, should you hire new employees at an average wage of $12.56 per hour, the following fund could be available:

  • Assumption 1:
    • Total Estimated Annual Payroll: $4,420,000
    • Benefit to company: $500,000
  • Assumption 2:
    • Total Estimated Annual Payroll: $3,640,000
    • Benefit to company $420,000
  • Assumption 3:
    • Total Estimated Annual Payroll: $3,120,000
    • Benefit to company: $345,000
Iowa’s employee training programs have evolved from a business expansion incentive tool into a comprehensive, targeted human resource tool available to all Iowa businesses.

Purpose of the Program
The Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E) was developed to assist businesses that are creating new positions or new jobs. If the company is expanding operations, or locating a new facility in the state, the New Jobs Training Program can provide flexible funding to meet the wide variety of training and employee development needs for its new employees. The assistance available ranges from highly specialized educational programs to basic skill training for new positions.

Services Provided Through the Program
The Iowa New Jobs Training Program provides a variety of valuable services, including:

  • Basic adult education
  • College tuition, books and fees
  • Customized or general instruction at a training facility selected by the employer
  • Job-related instruction
  • Reimbursement of training travel costs for employees
  • Skill assessment
  • Testing and evaluation of employees
  • Training equipment, materials and supplies
  • Training services of a community college or another educational institution
  • Training services of a private trainer