Red Oak offer a number of State and Local Economic Development Incentives as listed below.

State Incentives

High Quality Jobs Program includes:

  1. No personal property tax on inventory
  2. Single factory corporate income tax (no corporate tax on goods manufactured in Iowa bust sold outside of Iowa)
  3. No property or sales tax on new industrial machinery and equipment
  4. State financial assistance programs (grants and forgivable loans)
  5. Customized state subsidized employee training programs
  6. New Jobs Tax Credit

Local Incentives

  1. Property tax abatement
  2. Tax Increment financing (unless tax abatement given)
  3. Premier building sites that are spade ready. Full utility accessibility with 1 ½-200 acre sites with city owned sewer and water mains with gas and electric service provided by Mid American Energy
  4. Experienced personnel with over 50-years of service in assisting with plant locations
  5. Centralized Midwest location
    • Omaha - 50 miles
    • Des Moines - 115 miles
    • Kansas City - 150 miles
    • Milwaukee - 487 miles
    • Chicago - 456 miles
  6. Located on US Highway 34 and State Highway 48
  7. Local airport with two paved runways of 2900 and 5100 feet
  8. Located on the mail line of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
  9. Local Corporation that will build to suit on a lease basis or lease to purchase