Contact Committee

The Contact Committee is a standing committee of the Association. The Committee has a primary focus on attraction and recruitment of new business investment, especially emerging industries and innovation. The Committee shall:
  • Monitor trends and disseminate information to the Board about ways to develop and attract new, emerging and innovative businesses
  • Collaborate with the Board to provide members with information on the latest technology resources for recruitment in economic development practice
  • Provide analysis and advice regarding public policy issues affecting business recruitment for the Red Oak community and businesses
The Contact Committee shall consist of no more than five members; one shall be a member of the Board. Due to the need for confidentiality when dealing with business prospects, the Committee’s report to the Board will typically not include prospective business or individual’s name(s), or other details until such time as the Committee deems it necessary and/or appropriate to make such information public. Committee membership shall be appointed by the Board.

Get Involved
Please contact the Association at 712-623-4821 if you are interested in serving on a committee.